Centre medical de Londres - Richmond Practice - Travel Clinic

Richmond Practice - Travel Clinic

A travel health service for business and leisure travellers

We do:

- Destination-specific, travel health risk assessments
- Advice and information about the most appropriate protection
- Vaccinations for young and old
- Individualised travel kits and other travel health products
- Infectious disease screening, where concerns may arise on return
- Telephone advice for travel and relocation agents
- Evening and weekend appointments for last-minute travellers
- We are a registered yellow fever vaccination centre

Price list:


Fee (per dose)

BCG Vaccination               £40
Cholera (2 doses required)


Diptheria, Tetanus and Polio booster


Hepatitis A


Hepatitis B (3 doses required)


Hepatitis A and B combined


Hepatitis A and Typhoid combined


Japanese Encephalitis (3 doses required)




Rabies (3 doses required)


Tick-borne Encephalitis (3 doses required)


Yellow Fever £50

There is an addtional £25 administration/travel advice charge per appointment.

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